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Areo offers templates for a range of built environment processes. See how they can be combined to create robust industry solutions for collaboration and integration 

Smart Office

Smart solutions to improve the day to day use of offices, co-working spaces and other flexible work environments. Involve tenants and and service providers in a common collaborative platform and integrate specialised prop-tech solutions


Thermal Comfort


Building performance

Set specific KPIs and performance standards across your building portfolio or for specific assets. Use sensors and manual and automatic data collection tools to visualise real time status and bubble up important action items. Align with global standards for green and healthy buildings and make certification easier

Green Building

Healthy Building

Occupant Satisfaction

Lifecycle BIM

Build the foundation for the digital twin by making sure you specify, validate and implement a good digital twin. Make sure you manage assets for optimum performance and lifecycle value. Prepare for the circular economy with material and component reuse and recycling

Handover Mgt

Asset Mgt


Facility management

Supporting both day to day and longer term collaboration and coordination on tasks to optimise asset performance and tenant satisfaction. Involve internal and external resources in a shared understanding of what needs to be done and keep the digital twin up to date

Service Request

Condition Assessment

Work Order Mgt

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