Building perfomance management evolved.

Areo is a collaboration and integration platform for the built enviroment. Areo lets owners, managers, operators occupiers and AEC professionals safely share data, information, tasks and goals to make our assets and industry more sustainable. Built on the best open standards for BIM, GIS & IoT utilising the scalabiltiy and accessability of the web and mobile platforms. Let us show you how!

Real sustainability for the built environment


Ensure a healthy and safe environment for all the people involved in using and operating the built environment


Measure, report and continuously improve environmental footprint as a team on a range of sustainability factors


Ensure economic and technological progress utilising the possibilities in the latest technology

Take a peek inside Areo

Have a look at some examples of Areo in use.

Who are Areo for


Ensure optimum performance and relations across your portfolio


Go green and digilal and provide superiour services to clients and end users


Use buildings and infrastructure sustainably and efficient

Service provider

Transition your offering to a digital and more efficient to win more business

The Areo Way

Any Process

Areo can be configured to support any built environment process. Start with one of our template applications or model your own

Digital Twin

Run your process on the digital twin by connecting to maps, BIM models, smart floorplans or static floorplans. Whatever you have available


Areo is built for teamwork and tailored for the needs of different roles and actors. Areo lets you start small and grows with you


Areo lets you utilise modern easy to deploy technologies to any process simpler and more automatic


Powerful visualisation features lets you see the whole picture, zoom in on the details, go back in time and predict the future


Areo is built to play nice with others. We have an open API, support open standards when available and also have a range of out-of-the-box integrations

Areo in use

Built on industry standards

Some of the open standards we support

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