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SMART Facilities Management

areo application with 3d facility model running on laptop computer

Is areo for you?

Building Owner

Keep track of all that is happening in your facilities. Reduce cost of operations

Facility Manager

Optimize day-to-day operations. Get a common way to work with your clients and suppliers


Get a better way to hand over documentation

BIM Coordinator

Involve the owner and facility manager in the design and construction processes

What is in areo?

Model management

Keep all your facility data and processes connected in a shared facility model. Import model data from construction and development processes

Document management

Keep control and access to your documentation, user manuals, correspondence and contracts

Forms and process management

Manage and operate your facilities using one of our tailored processes. Or create your own to fit your needs

Collaboration features

Work together in your extended team. Comment, redline, approve

Floorplan management

Fully interactive floorplans used to manage spaces, track assets and locate issues

GIS and maps

Use maps and GIS to quickly locate assets and issues to manage you portfolio


Visual charts and dashboards give insights into the big pictures and makes it easy to drill down into important parts

areo applications

Handover management

Ease the transition from construction to operations. Get more intelligent information for future maintenance and developments.

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Asset register

Get quick access to all documentation and all changes. Keep it available and up to date.

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Defect tracking

Track reported issues. Do defect inspections. Prioritize and plan.

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Work order management

Distribute work orders in your extended workforce. Keep track of status and problems. Update results in place.

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areo benefits

Lifecycle management

Keep track of the status and all the changes across your facilities lifetime

Cost Savings

Automate what can be automated. Let your team focus on value added services

Resource Utilization

Optimize operations. Share resources across teams and sites

Health & Safety

Respond immedeately to deviations. Prioritize and plan

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