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Application Developer

Areo is looking for great coders who want to build the building information software of the future.

Areo will change the way the world use, operate and maintain the built environment. We do so by helping building owners and operators utilise information in asset information models (AIMs). AIMs combine geometric data, structured data and documents. This means handling large amounts of interconnected data for a diverse set of use cases. We utilise the latest technologies and innovations to constantly improve our products. For an overview of what we currently do, take a look at our homepage. This is just the beginning. We have lots of exciting items on the roadmap.

Main job description

As an Areo developer you will be part of our core development team to deliver new features while making sure the product is fast, reliable and easy to use.

Creating features at Areo begins with a lot of prototyping and iteration to explore the problem space. We then implement the solution with accompanying tests. If nothing breaks we ship it. This require high attention to quality, data integrity and security.

Our core team is located in Oslo, Norway and we are planning to grow a distributed team.

If you are the right candidate this is a great time to join us as the journey has just begun.

Our stack

Our main programming language is javascript. Our current main frameworks are Node.js, AngularJS, MongoDB and Elasticsearch. Knowing these technologies are great, but knowing other web frameworks and datastores are also highly valued. One of the most important assets is the personal drive and curiosity to learn. The right candidate has the playful and exploring attitude. So being a small team, team fit is important! We have a strong belief in knowledge sharing and we are eager to help you learn and grow. We also expect you to teach us a thing or two from your experience. A diverse team is highly valued. We explore new languages, skills, techniques and platforms every day!

Focus areas

Some of our main challenges are related to 3D visualization, maps/GIS, search, security, distributed systems, sensors/IoT, integrations and big data analytics. We are also pushing the edges of what can be done with web technologies in our hybrid mobile apps. As an early Areo developer you will be challenged with most of these topics. You will also have an opportunity to specialize on any of those according to what interests you most.


For us it is more important that you are the right person with the right attitude than having the “correct background”. Formal education and relevant experience is great, but can be compensated for if you are a quick learner.

  • Programming experience a must. Javascript is our main language.
  • Also relevant are experience in python, java or c#
  • Experience with RESTful API design. Node.js experience is a plus
  • Experience of using a wide variety of data stores and data models, both relational and nosql stores
  • Experience with modern web development, HTML5, CSS3 and modern javascript frameworks and libraries
  • Good computer science fundamentals

If you think this position is for you:

  • If this opportunity looks interesting and you wish to explore this further, send the following to
  • Brief description on why you are interested
  • Your Resumé
  • Examples of your work - Github profile, link to projects, academic papers etc
  • What you like and dislike about our homepage

If we think you may be a good fit for Areo we will be in touch and propose an informal meeting either in our offices or as a web meeting. Then we will take it from there.