Handover Management

Bridging the Asset Information gap

Collaborative construction handover with BIM support

A smart facility application by areo

Archive as-built
building data

Secure long time storage of data about the built environment. Store both as-built data and a copy of the project archive to know both what was built, why and how.

Collect and approve
operations and maintenance manuals

Contractors, sub-contractors and sub-suppliers can work together to gather, generate and approve manuals and schedueles according to contracts.

Collect and connect
Commissioning data

Track inspection and test details on site. Keep status of open issues and reported snags. Bridge the gap between the construction and operations phases.

View and inspect
BIM and CAD data

View both the geometric and asset data captured in models and drawings. View and maintain connections and approve status.

Open standards support

Information is stored using open standards. Export out to manage in your CAFM system of choice and/or keep in areo for long term storage.