Asset Management

Collaborative asset register with BIM support

A smart facility application by areo

Keep track of
all your assets

Manage facilities, installations, furniture and equipment. Keep track of asset cost, ownership, usage and location.

Manage asset documentation

Keep track of serial numbers, supplier information, warranty information. Link up documents like operations and maintenance manuals and as-built documentation.

A foundation for your
facility management processes

Keep track of asset conditions and manage both preventive and reactive maintenance. Keep a log of all asset history. Keep connections between assets, organisations and individuals to better plan move processes.

Connected to maps, models and floorplans

Locations and links are kept in the database. Use it to visualize, report and plan

Mobile support

The whole asset register is available on your mobile device of choice. Identify assets using barcodes, RFID tags or similar to quickly lookup in the registry. Use mobile data collection to get data into the system directly.